Project SEALS

Supporting Early Adolescents’ Learning and Social Success


Project SEALS is a universal intervention that uses professional development to help 6th grade teachers create classroom environments that promote the successful school adjustment of students during the first years of middle school. Teachers learn evidenced-based approaches to enhance students’ academic engagement, promote students’ use of constructive classroom behaviors, and foster students’ involvement in positive social relationships with peers who value and are productively engaged in school.

The SEALS Model includes:

  • Academic Engagement Strategies: focused on instructional preparation, organization, and engagement strategies
  • Competence Enhancement Behavioral Management Strategies: focused on productive classroom behaviors
  • Classroom Social Dynamics and Bullying Prevention Strategies: focused on engagement in productive and positive social relationships

The research study designed to evaluate the efficacy of the SEALS program is underway as a randomized controlled trial that involves students and teachers in 28 metropolitan middle schools.

Project SEALS is a collaboration between The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Virginia Commonwealth University, and The Pennsylvania State University.